Curb Appeal

What does Curb Appeal mean to a seller? It’s a Hugh way to bring in buyer(s) to the table by simply driving around and seeing a beautifully manicured front yard and home with a fresh coat of paint. The only thing missing is a “For Sale Sign” on the front yard, and the calls will continually come in to your real estate professional.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) said that 49% of all contracts that we see were sold because of homes having “Curb Appeal”. That’s a big number in sales due to the fact that the front yard look and feel is inviting; this is not just for Single Family Homes but Town-homes, Patio Homes, and Condos. People like the look and feel of mature trees and luscious lawns.

When we go house hunting, we always watch the neighborhood to establish a few factors. Are all the other neighbors surrounding the house you like kept up and manicured as well or are you the only house in the block? If you’re a parent and see kids playing on a cul-de-sac with active and engaged parents watching them play, does that want to make you move there? If we look at a different scenario let’s suppose you see old banged up cars that are all parked on the street (not garage), with yards that look disheveled, would that enticed you to call the listing agent for more information?

HOA is a significant factor in some communities as to why they thrive more so than those without a Home Owners Association. I remember just last summer we received a letter from HOA advising us to start getting the process ready for a new coat of paint. The previous years of the sun beating down on the house has fated the paint with added cracks. I was not happy with the idea of spending the money, but the end result is that we did get it painted, and it has great “Curb Appeal”. Say, for instance, that I was living in a community without an HOA, chances are I would procrastinate painting the home until I felt I had extra money to spend. Imagine the homes down your block felt just like you do about, not painting their houses. How would the neighborhood look as people drive down the street trying to pick a house and neighborhood for them to reside in? I can tell you that personally I would consider a different community as something like this would possibly devalue the homes in the area.

We have to look at not just the Curb Appeal of your home but also, what’s across the street? Are there apartment buildings, public housing projects, a nearby prison, etc.? Some of these factors can devalue your investment and or dream home.

In summary, if you’re a seller and need assistance in regards to what you can do to spruce up your front yard then consider hiring a landscaping company. By doing this, your chances are greater to increase the amount of potential buyers driving around and will also theoretically present you more offers. The offers you’ll see would potentially be closer to the asking price rather than the obvious low-ball-offers we see when homes need TLC. You will have your house showing fewer days on the market, better offers and eager buyer(s) ready when you list your home with the right real estate professional!

It’s Friday, maybe on your day off tomorrow you can visit a nearby nursery and start getting some ideas of how to achieve the perfect Curb Appeal! Good luck selling and thank you for visiting

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Thank you for your information, we look forward to helping you and will contact you as soon as possible!
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